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As home prices reach pre-recession levels, has market truly recovered?
Posted Thursday November 16, 2017 in Industry News

According to a report from analyzing the property market since the Great Recession, the overall housing market has returned to pricing levels last seen in 2006. The U.S. median home sale price last year was $236,000, two percent higher than 2006. But that’s not a comparison meant to spook homeowners and investors fearing a… Read more »

Fewer First-Time Homebuyers in the Market
Posted Monday October 30, 2017 in Industry News

The share of sales to first-time homebuyers fell this year to 34 percent, the lowest level since 1981, according to data released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Last year’s level was 35 percent, and the decline was primarily attributed to a lack of housing supply. Another problem facing potential first-time homebuyers is student… Read more »

Bill introduced to eliminate FHA life of loan insurance premium
Posted Friday October 27, 2017 in Industry News

Could the Federal Housing Administration’s life of loan insurance requirement soon be a thing of the past? Cutting the life of loan policy, which requires most FHA borrowers to maintain mortgage insurance throughout their entire loan term, is a change that many in the housing business have wanted for years, and now, eliminating that policy… Read more »

What Modern Homebuyers Are Looking For
Posted in Mortgage + Real Estate Tips

Home trends come and go. What’s in demand now could be considered outdated in just a couple of years. Just look at shag carpeting! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t capitalize on current trends, especially if selling your home is on the horizon. And if you actually like what’s currently popular, then it’s a… Read more »

The Feeling of Home
Posted Monday October 23, 2017 in News

I work to help others achieve the American Dream. I work to help others own a home where they can celebrate the holidays, watch their families grow, and experience the nuisances of having a space that is completely their own. My days consist of helping people buy homes, and for this, I consider myself lucky…. Read more »

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